From the time I could write I have been keeping journals. Several years back I joined the online craze of blogging and started my first online journal. It was mostly a collection of personal opinions on various topics whenever I had the time to type them out. Recently while attempting to update some things on the back end of my website I accidently erased that blog so I decided to start anew.

As I entered my mid 30′s this year I felt a strong sense that I was beginning a new journey in life. One that is much more defined then the roads I had travelled in my mid twenties and early thirties. So I think it is fitting that I begin a new blog that will help to define this person I am.

I do not care if anyone reads this or not. I have always journaled as a sort of self therapy and it has been very helpful to look back on what I thought in the past and see how those thoughts and beliefs have changed over the years. If people do stumble upon this blog and happen to read it, my hope is that they will be able to relate to me in some shape or fashion and that my willingness to be open about myself will help them in their own personal lives.

My name is Debbie. I currently reside in southern california. I am a follower of Jesus although I relunctantly label myself as a Christian because I don’t want to be defined by the “religion” of Christianity as it just like Islam has been used over the years as an excuse to perpetuate many evils in the name of a god.

I am white and I grew up and now live in a majority white neighborhood. I have rejected much of the “white” viewpoint I was taught as a child and instead formed my own views based on the many multi cultural relationships I had and have today. I attended public school from Kindergarden until the 11th grade. My senior year I attended a private Christian school and I spend 4 years in college at Biola University in La Mirada where I majored in Intercultural Studies.

Over the years I have wanted to be various things, in college my intent was to become a missionary. God had very different plans from me though and I ended up spending 10 years in the corporate world at UPS. A few years ago I realized the love of money and success was not what defined me so I left the corporate world and am now employed by a small private company where I work as a marketing and customer service specialist.